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Quality window treatments
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Enjoy custom, fast, and affordable window treatments without compromising the quality. Blinds Company Near Me's collection of Roller and Solar shades, Blackout curtains and shades, Zebra, and Faux Wood blinds, also Drapery Sheer shades, window treatments for sliding doors, room darkening and light filtering blinds. 

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From drapery sheer shades and living room shades to patio shades and exterior shades, Blinds Company Near Me does it all.

Customize Your Blinds

Blinds Company Near Me offers quality materials, guarantee installations by professionals and a catalog at the forefront of the latest trends in interior design.


Easy-to-use, child-safe and energy efficient.


Modern and expensive look without the cost.


Manage the light to your liking with these duo blinds.


These shades offer symmetry, balance and movement.


Modern and classic at the same time.


Flexible and elegant. Lovely in all spaces.


Say hello to a nice soft light from up above.


A contemporary and modern twist to the vertical blinds.


Make your windows stand out and shut out light.


Perfect for office spaces and home enviorments.


Classic blinds that never go out of style.

Residential and Commercial

We have a wide selection of Performance Fabrics suitable for private houses, condos, apartment buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants right here at Blinds Company Near Me. The fabrics have been carefully developed and contain properties ideal for specific environments.
We have detailed some of the properties contained and their benefits below:

Pollergen Fabrics

Fabrics featuring the unique treatment can dramatically reduce the amount of active grass pollen entering a room.


Fabrics treated with Ultrafresh* contain antibacterial and antifungal properties that preserve a blind’s hygienic freshness. Hospitals, care homes, schools and nurseries would all benefit from fitting antimicrobial fabrics to help maintain a more sterile environment.

Flame Retardant

These materials are made flame-resistant by the application of flame-retardant chemicals. A chemical additive in the fibre or treatment on the fabric is used to provide resistance in the event of a fire.
As we have a wide selection of fabrics to choose from in various colourways, you are sure to find the appropriate material to suit your needs.

Smart Home Technology

We Provide Motorized Blinds Alexa with Remote Control, Electric Zebra Blinds Customized Size, Smart Blind for Windows with Dual Layer Sheer and Privacy Light...

Zebra Shades

One of the biggest trends in window coverings right now that has created a buzz within the industry is the Zebra Shade. So what is a Zebra Shade? You can think of them as a hybrid of a standard blind and roller shade. Also referred to as a Layered, Dual, or Banded Shade, this innovative window treatment offers the light control of a blind AND the soft beauty of a fabric roller shade. In this blog we will be sharing why we LOVE Zebra Shades and why we feel like they are here to stay!

Outdoor & Patio Sun Shades

Outdoor shades allow you to keep cool while maintaining your view on those beautiful sunny days. Made from weather-resistant fabric that blocks harmful UV rays, patio shades add a protective barrier and sleek style to exterior areas around your home.

3 Main Categories of Window Treatments 

Window treatment ideas usually start with fabrics. Fabrics generally fit into one of three categories. Each category has different characteristics that might make it a perfect fit for one room, and obviously the wrong choice for others.
  • Blackout shades
Blackout Shades don’t allow light to pass through them
Blackout shades provide room darkening by completely blocking light from passing through it. You will have light leakage around the sides, but there are ways to mitigate that as well. These are ideal for bedrooms and home theater or media rooms.
  • Sheer Shades
Sheer Shades allow 1%, 3%, or 5% of light through the fabric.
Sheer shades allow light to pass through them while also providing a view. They are available in multiple opacities with the most common being 5%, 3%, and 1%. These percentages refer to the amount of space left between the weaves. Keep in mind however that 5% means you’ll have 95% of the view blocked by the shade. 3% means you’ll have 97% blocked, and 1% means you’ll have 99% blocked. Sometimes people call sheers “solar shades,” but this doesn’t mean they’re powered by solar energy. It just refers to the fact that they allow light to pass through them while providing UV, heat and light protection.
  • Privacy shades 
Privacy shades are mean to allow as much light into a room as possible, while still providing full privacy, day or night. These are great shading options for places like your bathroom where you need light without allowing neighbors to see in.
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